Restaurant in Joyeuse

Check out our menu and wood fired pizza! Enjoy local dishes such as raviole casserole with porcini mushrooms, omelettes with porcini mushrooms or our chestnut flan.

Takeaway Pizza

THE CLASSICS: Small €7,80 – Large €10

CHEESE (tomato sauce, Emmental cheese)

NEAPOLITAN (tomato sauce, anchovies)

Ham and Cheese Pizza

PICODON (tomato sauce, goat cheese)

ROQUEFORT (tomato sauce, roquefort)

CHORIZO (tomato sauce, chorizo, cheese)

ROYAL (tomato sauce, mushrooms, ham, cheese)

ARDECHOISE (fresh cream, mushrooms, cheese)

CEVENOLE (fresh cream, ham, cheese)

PROVENCALE (tomato sauce, onions, fresh tomatoes, anchovies, cheese)

CAMPAGNARDE (crème fraiche, onions, bacon, cheese)

SEA FRUITS (tomato sauce, seafood, cheese)

MOZZARELLA (tomato sauce, mozzarella)

BOLOGNESE (tomato sauce, minced meat, cheese)

ATLANTIC (cream, smoked salmon, cheese)

SPECIALS: Small:  €8,80 – Large: €11.80

3 or 4 CHEESES (roquefort, mozzarella, cheese, picodon)

REMIGGIO (crème fraiche, 3 cheeses, chorizo)

ERBAZZONE (cream, spinach, bacon, chorizo, mozzarella)

JOYEUSE (tomato sauce, mushrooms, raw ham, egg, cheese)

GOURMET: Small: €9,80 – Large: €12.80

FOUR SEASONS (tomato sauce, artichokes, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, cheese)

SAVOYARDE (cream, onions, potatoes, bacon, reblochon)

MEDITERRANEAN (tomato sauce, red mullet fillets, scallops, mozzarella)

RAVIOLE (cream, ravioles, cheese + choose between salmon or ham)

MEDIEVAL (onions, rennet, bayona, cheese and Picodon)

ANGELINA (cream, onions, chicken curry, carrot and courgette strips, cheese)